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Marcy Lally, Gratitude,

Cow skull mixed media ceramic, 22" h x 17" w x 10" d

Apryl McAnerney, Life Masks with Epitaphs,

Plaster gauze & latex paint


Skin and Bones

Marcy Lally & Apryl McAnerney

June 6 - June 28, 2014

Back Gallery


Skin and Bones is a mutual conversation about the spirit and soul,

what happens in life, and the mysteries of death.


Marcy Lally - Bio

Coming from a family of artists, Marcy has art in her blood. Both she and her mother graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute. Marcy studied sculpture under Jim Leedy and the late Dale Eldred.

After graduation she studied abroad for several years in Pietrasanta, Italy.  During her stay she honed her skills as a sculptor, carving marble and casting bronzes. After returning to the United States she continued her education, earning a master’s degree in sculpture from Northern Illinois University. 

She has exhibited in galleries both nationally and internationally. Her work can be found amongst private collectors and commercially commissioned projects.

While attending school and elsewhere Marcy supported herself by working in the floral industry as a designer. Always a lover of nature, this floral influence is evident in her current work today.

Her work is inspired by the latin expression "Memento Mori" meaning "remember mortality."  With this recollection, she wishes for the awareness of what life is and its cyclical nature to become even more heightened.



Apryl McAnerney - Bio

Apryl McAnerney is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, obtaining her BFA in Painting in 1991. Both a professional artist and an art curator, running local galleries- The Slap-n-Tickle, Locust Factory KC, and co-curating Art Alley and the Main Street Gallery in Anton's Tap Room, while also pursuing a career in faux finishing, she has been on all sides of the artistic conundrum.

"I prefer working simply in pencil on paper, beginning with a female form, especially the face, and allowing the lines of the face and form to grow organically. As a dream morphs itself into symbols, so do the lines of my drawings."

During the past year, she has created over 100 plaster masks, by personally applying plaster gauze strips to the greased faces of friends, family and even strangers, in a quick 20 minute process. Each mask is then protected by a layer of white latex paint and accompanied by the participants “Living Epitaph.”





Caren Canier, Albergo Sole IV, 2013,

mixed media with matte acrylic on panel, 14" x 11"

Langdon Quin, Study for Above Baldelli's,

2014, oil on canvas, 16" x 17"

Laini Nemett, Rooftops from Garden 1,

2014, oil on muslin mounted to board, 8" x 8"

Scott Seebart, Anna,

2014, oil on linen mounted on panel, 20" x 16"

Jessie Fisher, Nude with Red Flower- Night Painting, 2013, oil on linen, 36" x 30"
Martha Armstrong, Montecastello to Todi-January, 2000, oil on linen, 30" x 24"


Dialoghi dell’Arte

2014-15 International Tour










Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, MO

Guilin Museum, Guilin China

Palazzo dei Cartelloni, SACI, Florence, Italy

International Center for the Arts, Montecastello di Vibio, Italy


“To embrace and absorb, that is enlightenment.
We have inherited the entire history and knowledge of art before us.
You belong to a tradition. Italy is the fountain. Come and drink.”

- Milarepa, 11th century Buddhist poet and saint


This exhibition will mark the first in an international tour, traveling to the Guilin Museum in Guilin, China, the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy and the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy throughout the upcoming academic year. The exhibition will feature 32 paintings from 16 American artists, writers and educators who form the painting collective, Dialoghi dell'Arte ( A Discourse on Art). Collective members include, Martha Armstrong (MA), Pamela Bowers (SC), Cynthia Bridgman (IL), Caren Canier (NY|Italy), Tina Engels (IL), Jessie Fisher (MO), Alan Feltus (Italy), Dan Gustin (IL), Lani Irwin (Italy), Geoffrey Miller (NY), Barry Nemett (MD), Laini Nemett (NY), Richard Piccolo (Italy), Langdon Quin (NY|Italy), Scott Seebart (MO), and David Voros (SC).

Heavily influenced by the artistic traditions of central Italy, this group of dedicated painters find themselves fusing the lineage of American Post-Abstract figuration with individual responses to Italian paesaggio, the elegance of the Sienese, the crystalline abstraction of Piero, linear traditions of the Florentine School and its sensual counterpart in Venice, grand rhetoric of Mannerism, Baroque extravagance in Rome, the sublime narrative of the Metaphysical painters and the intimate tabletop of Morandi. For the painters in this group, motif is not defined by stylistic quality, rather, through the subtle appropriation of the vast expanse of Italian aesthetic influence.

In the exhibition essay for this group’s inaugural exhibition at the McMaster Galleries at the University of South Carolina in 2013, Pamela Bowers and David Voros, directors of the International Center for the Arts, wrote of the group’s connection to a cultural and geographic location:

“Each year they return to Italy to immerse themselves in both local Umbrian culture and the rich history the region has to offer as well as to participate in this critical community of contemporary artists that is generated, in part, by their presence there. In this, Italy influences not only their own work but also their teaching. Through them, the rich legacy of Italian art continues to inspire generations of young painters."

A catalog for the Dialoghi dell’Arte 2014-15 International tour that addresses the group’s members, as well as the work included in the exhibition, is currently under development and will include an essay by Michele Fricke, PhD, Program Head of Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute, as well as writings by collective members discussing the work in the exhibition.  More American venues will be announced as the tour progresses.


Please see the collective’s webpage for more information and updates at:

 www.jessiefisherstudio.com | Dialoghi dell’Arte


Transmutation, 2014, oil and spray paint on canvas, 69" x 69"





New Work by

Skyler Bieberly

May 2 - June 28, 2014

Main Gallery


Artist Statement

My work is a direct product of my surroundings, the emotional, psychological, and physical world in which all life inhabits. Intuitive and in the moment I translate emotion and experience through the act of creating. My work teeters between the gestural and the technical. Much like life, the reality of the universe I create is multi-dimensional, a bridging of motifs both light and dark.

There exists a nasty tendency in the human condition, an aggressive and instinctual selfishness, our Id, the Dominator. The desire to seek immediate satisfaction has become rampant. Why do we alienate ourselves from each other and our environment, our Earth-Mother and deny the interconnectedness of all life? Was there a time in human evolution in which the ability to dominate, kill, rape, and pillage was not only advantageous but necessary? Was there an age of back-stabbing, face eating boogymen that eventually decimated their own species into dilution, ultimately evolving into what became a human being? Whatever the case, the Dominator gene has survived and flourished in our psyche, having been passed down through the millennia. You can see it in our collective attitudes, governments, entertainment, in endless war, and amongst other hominids. This affliction is simply that, a disease of the mind, body, and soul. To identify the Dominator in yourself is to abolish its power. Now is the time for mankind to transcend the chains of this evolutionary psychosis. My role as an artist is to investigate consciousness and the human condition. Playing the part of shaman and social commenter I regard my creations as reliquaries of spirit, emotion and consciousness, informed by experience. My work is a cathartic ritual that I must engage in.


Artist Bio

Skyler Bieberly is a Kansas City Art Institute, Sculpture BFA recipient from 2008. During his time at KCAI and in the years following his graduation he has increased his involvement in local galleries, group shows, public arts projects, and critiques. Bieberly has previously shown in such group shows as "WITNESS: Perspectives On War" at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center as well as group shows at The Dolphin Gallery and The Late Show Gallery. "DOMINATOR" will be Bieberly's second solo show, his previous "The Hidden Temple" took place at The Late Show Gallery in July 2011. Over the past year Bieberly has been curating one-night-only art openings for The Guild event space while simultaneously creating his new body of work for "DOMINATOR."







Travis Porter

Syncretized Patterns

May 2 - June 28, 2014

Opie Gallery

Artist Statement

Syncretized Patterns is a collection of small edition linocuts and screen prints that blend the influences of Native American weaving, Jazz music and contemporary printmaking.

Artist Bio

Travis (tArvis) Porter moved to Kansas City in 2003 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute School of Design. Since graduating in 2005 Travis has worked as a designer for Champion apparel and Barkley's Collective Studio. When tArvis is not in the office he is pursuing printmaking with his hand-me-down vandercook proof press and screen printing.






Jim Leedy

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